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Materials News

New material with magnetic shape memory (w/video)
Published at 12/06/2019

"What is special about the new material is that, unlike previous shape-memory materials, it consists of a polymer and droplets of a so-called magnetorheological fluid embedded in it. Areas of application for this new type of composite material include…

New interaction between thin film magnets for faster memory devices
Published at 05/06/2019

"Breakthrough discovery in the field of electromagnetism opens up to the design of three-dimensional spin structures, which could be the basic units of the magnetic storage units of the future..."

Novel machine-learning algorithm helps to identify tough MOFs
Published at 29/05/2019

"A team of researchers have used machine learning techniques to accurately predict the mechanical properties of metal organic frameworks (MOFs), .."

Materials Conferences

   The Advanced Material Show
Organisation: Event Partner
10.07.2019 - 11.07.2019 (Telford) -
Bringing together OEMs, materials manufacturers and the entire research, development and manufacturing supply chain, The…

   32nd Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancement & Innovations
Organisation: Conferenceseries LLC
14.10.2019 - 15.10.2019 (Bali) - Annual
With the magnificent success of 31st Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancement & Innovations, ME Conferences…

   32nd Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancement & Innovations
Organisation: ME Conferences
24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019 (Helsenki, Finland) - Helsenki, Finland
32nd Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancements and Innovations welcomes each one of you across the world…