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Materials News

Scientists Develop A New Material That Could Be Game-Changing In Tackling Carbon Emissions
Published at 23/10/2019

"Over the last century mankind has impetuously emitted CO into the air, largely ignorant of its ill effects. Now, with the advent of a climate catastrophe, scientists are scrambling to take..."

Chemists create self-assembling material with suite of new properties
Published at 16/10/2019

"Chemists from have created a new material that self-assembles into 2-D networks in a predictable and reproducible manner. The material has a suite of new properties, which means it may have numerous applications—although it will take time and significant…

Nanotechnology Now - Press Release: Water + air + electricity = hydrogen peroxide: Rice University breakthrough produces valuable chemical on demand at point of use
Published at 11/10/2019

"The production of hydrogen peroxide can be much safer and simpler through a process developed at Rice University..."  

Materials Conferences

   32nd Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancement & Innovations
Organisation: ME Conferences
24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019 (Helsenki, Finland) - Helsenki, Finland
32nd Materials Science and Engineering Conference: Advancements and Innovations welcomes each one of you across the world…

   Mondial du Bâtiment
Organisation: Promosalons
04.11.2019 - 08.11.2019 (Paris) -
Pour répondre aux enjeux d’un marché en pleine mutation nécessitant une vision globale et transversale de la construction,…